Monday, 23 April 2018

My client, Eric Smith, has also become a very good friend.  He had approached me a while ago with a concept that he had for a photo session that he wasnted to do that was very profound and meaningful depicting the day in the life of an African American slave.  As always I was eager to push the envelope of artistic portraiture so I said yes right away. 

Like most of my clients, male and female, he wanted to look his "best" for the session and pushed the shoot out a few months so he could get in the gym and slim down a little...  even after I told him that most of my clients actually are not as "buff" or in shape as they may appear in my images.  I contantly tell my clients, it is about me knowing how to pose and light them to make them look the best that they can.  So we did a quick 45 minute session so I could show him how he would look and how I would work with him to get the best images of him that he had ever

Here are some of the images from our short session.  Stay tuned for the big concerpt session and the great images that will come out of it which we will be shooting this summer.
Ijumo Hayward w/ Eric Smith mag2Ijumo Hayward w/ Eric Smith mag1